Whoa: GOP chair drops GIANT HINT about Kasich….

Why has John Kasich even bothered to remain in the race?

I still manage to get a fundraising email from him every few days, despite the fact that he’s only won a single state’s primary – one where he was a multi-term governor.

It’s mathematically impossible for Kasich to gather the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination at this point, and the same is becoming increasingly true for Ted Cruz as well (who, despite last night’s victory, still needs to win about 80 percent of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination).

The Gateway Pundit predicted that Cruz would be mathematically eliminated from the race by April 26th, but don’t expect him to drop out then. Kasich hasn’t, and there’s a good reason: the high likelihood of a contested convention.

Via The Gateway Pundit, RNC chairman Reince Priebus had an interesting exchange with Sean Hannity last night where Priebus was unable to say there was “no way” Kasich would be the nominee:


Hannity: If there is an attempt to jump, leapfrog over the two top vote getters, the two top state winners, the two top delegate winners, don’t you think that those caucused and voted for those two top guys if they don’t get it, that they are going to walk away and never come back?

Reince Priebus: Well, look clearly there’s a rule in place now that candidates need a majority of eight states delegates, a majority in eight different states to even be nominated. I believe our candidate is going to be somebody running.

Hannity: In your opinion as the state chairman that the nominee of your party are you confident tonight will be either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Are you confident?

Priebus: This is what I’ll say, I think the nominee will be someone who’s running…

Hannity: Well, there’s three people running. Mathematically John Kasich can’t catch up to them. You won’t say for the record that it won’t be Cruz or Trump?

Priebus: No, I’m going to say it’s going to be somebody that’s running.

Hannity: Does running mean it’s going to be Cruz, Trump or Kasich?

Priebus: I’m saying it’s going to be one of the three people running.

Hannity: How can Kasich get there without leapfrogging over people that have millions of more votes and more delegates?

Priebus: You’re going to have to ask John Kasich. But I’m not going to say something that’s going to be an affront right now to John Kasich.

Once again, in order for Kasich to win the nomination, the RNC will need to change “Rule 40” which stipulates a candidate must have won eight states even to be considered. Is that what Priebus has up his sleeve? If so, that may explain Kasich’s merry continued campaigning.

But what’s the point of voting when the Party will just choose the nominee in the end regardless? It’s been said that Ohio picks the president, but nobody thought it meant like this.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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