Muslim convert to Christianity DESTROYS every liberal myth about Islam

When it comes to the question of violence in Islam, have you ever noticed how rarely we actually hear from Muslims on the issue?

Obama has assured us that ISIS is “not Islamic,” and there’s no shortage of politicians denying any link between Islam and violence – but have any of them actually bothered to read the Quran? If they did, we may have to question their literacy…

Former Muslim (now Christian) Nabeel Qureshi was asked by The Blaze the question of whether or not Islam is a peaceful religion.

He begins his response by stating that the realization “Islam really is violent at its core” was the catalyst to his doubt and eventual conversion to Christianity. He continued:

When I think of the word ‘Islam’ I’m thinking of the historical core of the faith, the religion that Muhammad left before centuries of tradition were added to it. And if you’re looking at Islam that way, then there’s no question Islam is not a religion of peace. Muhammad used violence.

Speaking on Jihad: “As you see it used in Muhammad’s life in the hadith — the collection of traditions and stories from Muhammad’s life — we see it becomes a term that encapsulates fighting to advance or promote Islam or even to defend [it] at times.”

Instances of violence commanded by the Quran aren’t hard to find for anyone who bothered to look, but something tells me our leaders are well aware of it’s contents andwould rather pretend otherwise.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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