Look why this GapKids ad has liberals LOSING THEIR MINDS

The fact that liberals have so much time on their hands to worry about things like this PROVES life in America isn’t so bad after all. If you’re not worrying about how to keep a roof over your head, pay the utility bills, feed your family and keep them safe, you can worry about the “passive racism” in clothing ads for children.

Poor Gap stores. They tried to be very au courant by launching a well-meaning GapKids X ED advertising campaign featuring gay icon Ellen Degeneres and a bunch of adorable young girls (or at least young people who are currently self-identifying as girls). They even made sure the group was multi-racial. But according to the liberal critics, they couldn’t even get that right.


First of all, only ONE of the little girls was black. Secondly, she didn’t appear to be able to do as many cool things as the white girls, and worst of all, she was pictured being used as an armrest for one of the taller girls.


Twitter was predictably outraged.


Never mind that GapKids recently used a similar image with the roles reversed, as pointed out by this observant Twitter user.

Naturally, Gap was forced to make an apology. Per the Daily Mail:

Debbie Felix, a spokesperson for GapKids, apologized for any offence caused and said the company will remove the image in question from the campaign.

‘As a brand with a proud 46 year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we’ve offended,’ she told Daily Mail Online.

‘This GapKids campaign highlights true stories of talented girls who are celebrating creative self-expression and sharing their messages of empowerment.

‘We are replacing the image with a different shot from the campaign, which encourages girls (and boys) everywhere to be themselves and feel pride in what makes them unique.’

Well it’s a good thing we have that sorted out. Whew. Now liberals can just get back to the really horrific problem of the word “Trump” being written in chalk on college campuses, and whether or not dreadlocks on Justin Bieber constitute “cultural appropriation.”

[Note: This article was written by amused but irritated Michele Hickford]

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