BREAKING: Winners just projected in Wisconsin primary…

Polls in the Badger State have closed, and Fox News is projecting the upsets many predicted — on both the Democrat and GOP side.

Fox projects Bernie Sanders will win the Democrat primary, while Ted Cruz will win the GOP primary.

Via Fox News:

Fox News projects that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will defeat Donald Trump in Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary.

According to Fox News exit polls and early vote returns, Cruz will win the state. The victory helps Cruz slow Trump’s momentum after a rough week on the campaign trail for the New York businessman. 


Fox News projects that Bernie Sanders will defeat Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s Wisconsin Democratic presidential primary.

With polls now closed in the state, Fox News exit polling shows Sanders will win the contest, making it his sixth victory of the last seven primaries and caucuses – and giving him significant momentum in advance of the New York primary in two weeks.

Wisconsin Primary Winner

Interesting to note that CNN — the Clinton News Network — did not project the Democrat winner until about 45 minutes AFTER Fox called it, though the two networks were almost in sync with their timing calling the GOP side. Was CNN being more cautious about its projection or is there another reason for its delay in projecting? Hmmm…

Here’s one thing CNN did report early on, which may suggest why Hillary appears to be having a bad night in Wisconsin:

As much or more than the actual delegate counts, Wisconsin is important for campaign momentum. As the last contest until New York’s primary in two weeks, the results set the tone for the next couple weeks and could potentially alter the dynamic of the race.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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