4 mind-blowing photos show how liberalism has RUINED Detroit

Liberals can try to exploit the fall of Detroit for political purposes all they want, but I don’t recall there ever being many Republicans in charge of the city.

The death and slow decay of the city has been a gradual process. You may have seen before and after pictures of Detroit in the past, but never witnessed the decay in action.

Via MarketWatch, a Tweet showing just that has done viral.

Posted… by a futures and options trader who calls himself Northy, four photos chronicle the demise of a stretch of street in Detroit.

The pictures were from Google Street View and Bing, Northy tweeted, and they show a shocking level of decay over just five years. At least one house has vanished altogether by the time of the final picture.


By the way, want to know what Detroit and cities like it all have in common?

Democrat poverty zones

I think the numbers speak for themselves on what tends to cause this kind of thing…

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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