Liberal college protest against conservative speaker BACKFIRES big time

The campus crybullies have been coming out in full force against conservative pundit (and former Breitbart editor) Ben Shapiro’s speaking tour.

In February, hundreds of protesters at California State University Los Angeles blocked students from entering the event, forcing them to sneak in through a back entrance. Once the speech was finally underway, protesters tried to shut it down by pulling the fire alarm.

The speech went on.

Protesters were at it again when Shapiro was set to speak at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. As reported by Campus Reform, their plan couldn’t have backfired more beautifully.

A staged walkout by liberal students during a Ben Shapiro lecture at the UNC Chapel Hill backfired Wednesday, with other students eagerly rushing in to fill the vacated seats.

Shapiro started his speech, titled “The Left’s Obsession with Race,” by asking audience members with differing views to stay for the duration of the speech, and not walk out or attempt to shout him down.

“Walking out just demonstrates close-mindedness and shouting down just demonstrates ideological fascism,” he told them.

The campus Black Student Movement had already made it known they planned to do just that, and numerous protesters dressed in black BSM shirts dutifully walked out of the lecture hall in unison once Shapiro began his speech.

Students wishing to hear Shapiro immediately poured into the room, taking the seats emptied by the protesters.

Ben Shapiro welcomes liberals to hear him out and interrogate him during the Q&A after his speech. Those who go only to disrupt prove they aren’t even remotely confident in their own ideas.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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