Robber pulls FAKE gun on store clerk; this happens immediately…

Here’s one of those “who could’ve seen this coming” type of stories.

Given the number of people mistakenly killed by police while holding authentic-looking toy guns, you’d think people would be aware of the risk when committing a crime with one. What the backup plan is when one meets retaliation is a mystery (I don’t think most police officers are afraid of air-soft pellets).

Via Breitbart

A 16-year-old suspect in a hoodie walked up to a grocery store counter and drew a fake gun, only to have the store clerk pull a real one and end the ruse.

The incident occurred at the Nuevo Mexico grocery in Des Plaines, Illinois, during morning hours.

According to ABC 7,  surveillance video shows the suspect walk up and place an item on the counter, then pull out “an air soft gun” and point it toward the clerk. The clerk then pulled his own gun and the 16-year-old suspect fled. The clerk gave chase, firing an unknown number of rounds at the suspect.

As it turns out however, the #BlackLivesMatter crowd won’t have a new criminal to rally behind:

Des Plaines Police Department Chief Bill Kushner said the suspect is “fortunate that he wasn’t shot, he’s fortunate he wasn’t killed.” Kushner added, “People are going to get killed as a result of crimes with air soft guns and they’re not going be the victims, they’re going to be the offenders.”

I think this may be a step below bringing a knife to a gun fight…

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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