Before he leaves office, I predict Obama will carry out this particularly treasonous action…

I went back and checked out to whom President Obama granted his first interview back in January of 2009. Was it to the BBC, Reuters, Associated Press? Nah, it was to Al Arabiya. And this statement by the new president Barack Obama, reported by CBS News, January 28, 2009 says it all: “In his first sit-down interview — which he symbolically granted to pan-Arab satellite network Al Arabiya — Mr. Obama said, “Iran has acted in ways that’s not conducive to peace and prosperity in the region… But I do think that it is important for us to be willing to talk to Iran, to express very clearly where our differences are, but where there are potential avenues for progress.”

“If countries like Iran are willing to unclench their fist, they will find an extended hand from us,” added the president. CBS News’ Leily Lankarani in Tehran reports Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has turned that comment around on Washington. “If there is any clenched fist in the world, it is the fist of the U.S.A.,” Hasan Ghashghavi told a group of journalists Wednesday during a visit to Japan.”

I also went back and watched the two speeches Obama gave in Turkey before the general assembly and in Cairo, Egypt at the university where he requested members of the Muslim Brotherhood be front and center in the audience. Obama certainly did extend a hand, but no one unclenched their fist — certainly not Iran.

As reported by Reuters yesterday, “Iran’s top leader on Wednesday said missiles were key to the Islamic Republic’s future, offering support to the hardline Revolutionary Guards that have drawn criticism from the West for testing ballistic missiles.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei supported last year’s nuclear deal with world powers but has since called for Iran to avoid further rapprochement with the United States and its allies, and maintain its economic and military strength.

“Those who say the future is in negotiations, not in missiles, are either ignorant or traitors,” Khamenei, who has the final say on all matters of state, was quoted as saying by his website. “If the Islamic Republic seeks negotiations but has no defensive power, it would have to back down against threats from any weak country.”

The first thing I want to clarify with y’all is that Iran hasn’t signed anything. To the Ayatollah, there is no “agreement,” yet Barack Obama extended his hand and in it were billions of dollars for the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

Remember, during the 2008 Democrat presidential primary debate, Obama clearly stated he would talk with Iran without any preconditions — and no one challenged him on that. So what do we have today? A richer, militarily stronger and more belligerent Iran. We have Iranian hegemonic influence all across the Middle East, and its terrorist-listed forces, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Quds Force, operating freely, along with the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah — and Iranian-backed Shiite militias openly threatening U.S forces in Iraq. Consider this: in the reign of Obama, Iran now controls these capitols in the Middle East: Damascus, Beirut, Sanaa and Baghdad. Since the Obama administration has been so giddy to fall at the knees of Iran in complete and utter submission, we’ve witnessed countless ballistic missile tests, negotiations for weapons acquisition, opening of new markets with Europe, and of course ten US Sailors on their knees at gunpoint. And Iran will be building a monument to remember that feat – they’ll probably use some of the billions Obama sent their way.

Now the liberal progressive socialist leftists will claim Obama saved us from a war, a military confrontation. But that’s like the coward who gives up his lunch money to the bully saying he did it to avoid eating food he didn’t like. I’ll give President Obama credit; he’s done exactly what he said he would do, and it will be up to the next two to three presidents to right this ship.

I’m telling you, after Obama’s embarrassing trip to Cuba, I bet he’ll go to Tehran before he exits the Oval Office. He’ll be on a mission to bring about peace and bridge the gap. Y’all doubt me?

Take a gander at the deliberate objective and theme of Obama’s Easter Prayer breakfast speech: “President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden used their speeches at the annual Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House to condemn billionaire candidate Donald Trump.

Biden remarked on the increased level of fear in the world after the recent attacks in Belgium by Islamic State terrorists, but focused his attention on criticizing Trump.

“While fear is understandable, exploiting that fear is absolutely unacceptable,” Biden said, referring to Trump’s call to temporarily ban Muslims and refugees from entering the country. “

When innocent people are ostracized simply because of their faith, when we turn our backs on the victims of evil and persecution, it’s just wrong,” he added. Obama also chastised Trump to the group of pastors.

“They can tempt us to cast out the stranger, strike out against those who don’t look like us, or pray exactly as we do,” he said. “And they can lead us to turn our backs on those who are most in need of help and refuge.

”That was the purpose of terrorist attacks, Obama argued, for Americans and Christians to act against their values. “That’s the intent of the terrorists, is to weaken our faith, to weaken our best impulses, our better angels,” he said.”

No Barack and Joe, you cheeky fellas got it all wrong. The intent of the terrorists is not about weakening our faith, impulses or our better angels. Their intent is to force us into submission by killing us — and your insidious rhetoric and dismissal of the enemy is aiding and abetting their intent, objectives and cause. What happened in Brussels, Pakistan, and across the Middle East to Christians is not about diminishing our faith; it’s about terrorizing us. But Obama continues to attack political opposition, not the enemy, and as I’ve stated many times, he is an Islamist sympathizer.

Perhaps y’all do not care, but I’m sensing you do — and Hillary Clinton, who believes we should empathize with our enemies, will be no different. Heck, maybe the former SecState will give the Islamic jihadists a reset button!

In closing, let me share with y’all some really cool news. The Young America’s Foundation is sponsoring a debate event on the campus of George Washington University during the afternoon of Sunday, April 10th. The debate will be moderated by Hadas Gold of Politico and will be between me and former White House spokesperson, Jay Carney. I look forward to speaking on the issue of the Iranian deal…along with a failing economy, massive debt, horrific monetary policy, the failures of the progressive socialist left in our inner cities, Obama’s cancellation of the D.C. school voucher program, unconstitutional actions, foreign policy and national security (especially the decimation of our military), the rise of Islamic jihadism and the destabilization of Libya — certainly Benghazi — the abhorrent treatment of our veterans, and the collapse of Obamacare.

Gonna be fun! Bring popcorn.

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