France makes shocking move on terrorism…People are FURIOUS

After the November terror attacks in France, President François Hollande stated that the country is at war. The nation quickly began ramping up attacks against ISIS, and attempted to protect itself domestically.

In the UK nearly 400 ISIS fighters have returned to their home country. Perhaps some became disillusioned, but who knows what harm the rest are planning.

France looked to prevent a similar problem, especially as ISIS publicly states they have large scale attacks planned all over Europe. Hollande’s proposal was to strip all French jihadists of their passports.

And how did the liberals in France respond to that proposal? As The Telegraph reported:

Francois Hollande, the French president, has bowed to pressure from his own left-wing government to drop a controversial law which would see convicted jihadists stripped of their French nationality.

This is what passes for a controversial law in France, apparently.

The proposals, which would have been enshrined in France’s constitution, had been fiercely criticized by Socialist MPs and the center-right opposition, who accused Mr Hollande of besmirching the principles of the republic.

So insane is the rest of the world that even the so-called “center-right” party in France is opposed to stripping Jihadists of their “rights.”

He was initially accused of trampling on human rights for the sake of appearing tough on terrorism, as rendering people stateless is illegal under French law.

The president later clarified his plans, admitting that only convicted terrorists of dual nationality would be stripped of French citizenship under the plans.

Sadly, things aren’t much better here in the U.S. of A. Ted Cruz proposed a bill to strip American ISIS defectors of their citizenship nearly two years ago.

And what happened then? Democrats blocked it.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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