Whoa: Look what happens when reporter asks Cruz to say yes or no about affairs

Full disclosure: This is an opinion piece by me, Michele Hickford. I am personally sick and tired of the garbage being slung around the GOP presidential campaign to date. I’m not going to point any fingers (however big or small, whether perma-tanned or not) at any of the candidates, but I certainly do blame the media for stoking this fire.

Here at www.allenbwest.com we have endeavored and will continue to avoid reporting on this crap. We have so many other important issues to be discussing, and it pains me to no end that we may well throw away this election because of third-grade insults and questionable incidents on the campaign trail.

Therefore, I present this video of former candidate Carly Fiorina and Senator Ted Cruz on the campaign trail delivering an epic smackdown to a reporter on the question of the Senator’s fidelity.

I think their answers are spot on. Other news outlets have characterized the Senator’s answer as an admission of guilt, but I see it differently. To quote Hillary Clinton, what difference at this point does it make?

Can we just focus on the issues now? Please?


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