Homegrown terror: 20-year-old former cheerleader’s horrific plans thwarted

Just days after 23-year-old Muslim convert, Abdul Raheem Habil Ali-Skelton, was arrested after threatening to “shoot up” a Walgreens in Minnesota, a woman in Mississippi is pleading guilty to trying to join ISIS.

Twenty-year-old Jaelyn Young who had a background in math and chemistry, had taken her mother’s credit card to buy tickets to Istanbul for both her and her new husband, Muhammad Dakhlalla, who she convinced to join the terrorist group.

In high school, Young was an honor student, cheerleader and homecoming maid. She converted to Islam while studying chemistry at Mississippi State University. Her mother is a school administrator and her father a police officer who served in the Navy reserves.

Fox News reports she converted to Islam in March 2015, when she began wearing a burqa and distancing herself from non-Muslim friends. Prosecutors said she “began to express hatred for the U.S. government” and expressed “support for the implementation of Shariah law in the United States.”

Authorities began tracking Young and Dakhlalla in May when the couple contacted undercover federal agents for help traveling to Syria.

Aside from her own admissions and actions, prosecutors cited prior online statements from Young expressing support for ISIS and ISIS-inspired terror attacks. Prosecutors said Young approvingly cited a video of a man accused of being gay being thrown off a roof to his death by militants. She also expressed joy at the shooting of five members of the military in Chattanooga, Tenn., by an Islamic militant in July.

“What makes me feel better after watching the news is that an akhi carried out an attack against US marines in TN! Alhamdulillah, the numbers of supports are growing…” she’s said to have written.

Thank goodness she was stopped. Now she faces up to 20 years in prison, $250,000 in fines and a lifetime of probation.

You really have to wonder what is it that makes these young Americans flip? I can’t imagine the anguish her veteran father must be feeling. A beautiful, bright young woman who has just tossed her life away.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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