Obama admin issues statement on Easter bombing; can you spot what’s MISSING?

We all were stunned and saddened to learn of yesterday’s bombing that killed 70 and injured hundreds at a park on Easter Sunday.

I suppose the Obama administration gets some “credit” (mix of grudging generosity and sarcasm) for actually acknowledging the tragedy. However, read the administration’s statement and see if you can spot what’s missing — which thereby renders aforementioned “credit” into the negative.

Statement on Easter Bombing

How could they possibly forget the whole reason for the attack — which the Taliban itself “proudly” acknowledged?

“Members of the Christian community who were celebrating Easter today were our prime target,” the spokesman said.

As The Blaze noted:

When the U.S. Department of State released a statement condemning the Pakistani Taliban faction’s Easter bombing in a Lahore park, it noticeably omitted the fact that Easter-celebrating Christians were specifically targeted.

The bombing’s death toll climbed to 60 people, with 300 others that were reported as wounded. The explosion, which appeared to be a suicide bombing, struck an area that was crowded with Christians who were celebrating Easter. A splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban has since claimed full responsibility for the bombing, which it claimed was specifically targeting Christians who were celebrating the Easter holiday weekend, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But when the Department of State released its statement addressing the bombing, it failed to mention that key component.

Sadly, we’re no longer shocked by this administration’s selective outrage at certain groups being targeted for their religion or race.

Of course, if there was the faintest hint of consideration of the possibility of targeting a Muslim group because of its religion, the administration would be proactively admonishing against it — and after the fact, launching a full-on campaign of backlash against it. Or if a black man were killed by a cop — even as he threatened others — Obama and his team would be all over it. Whereas a cop killed in the line of duty — or Christians peacefully marking their holy day — nah.

Once again, it’s clear that to this administration, some people are more “equal” than others.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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