Man speaks to restaurant manager after National Guard comes in, and then…

Our leaders in Washington have been all too happy to send our men and women in the armed forces to war – but have been especially incompetent when it comes to taking care of them.

The Veterans Administration has been plagued with scandal for quite some time now (and is yet another reminder of what government-run healthcare looks like).

Plus, we’ve had seven years of an administration that views our military as a problem.

But as reported by ABC News, on the week of Good Friday, thirty members of our National Guard got a reminder of how appreciated they are:

A stranger paid the lunch bill for a group of National Guard troops on Wednesday in Rockford, Michigan, but left before the troops could thank him.

When the troops first walked in for lunch after training at the nearby Belmont Armory, Vanaman and his staff were trying to orchestrate how to seat them and what kind of discount to give them — all while taking care of the busy lunch crowd, Vanaman explained.

Then a customer requested to speak with the manager.