Look what happened to this country IMMEDIATELY after it closed its borders

Here’s one of the least convincing criticisms of Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on the U.S. Mexico border: that it’s impossible.

I suppose these people are unaware that borders have been blocked off before.

Liberal “comedian” John Oliver discussed the supposed impossibility of building Trump’s wall on his HBO program, where he attacked the front-runner’s cost-estimates of his proposal. While Trump states it would cost $4 billion to build his wall, Oliver offered a competing estimate of $25 billion. Oliver never mentions that the cost of illegal immigration to the economy is a hefty $113 billion annually – and the wall will last more than just a year.

Also ironic is that the liberal policies Oliver supports have a price tag in the trillions, and he’s worried about billions when it comes to Trump.

Liberals are always the ones saying that we should learn from other countries, and as the Daily Caller reports, on the issue of immigration we have a lot to learn:

Hungary was a popular pathway for refugees on their way to Germany during the fall. When the daily illegal border crossings were at 7,000 per day, Prime Minister Viktor Orban decided to erect a fence along the border to Serbia and Croatia.

And how did that turn out? Its dramatic effects are best observed visually:


When the fence went up Oct. 17, the influx went down to 870 from 6,353 only a day earlier. Illegal border crossing were steadily below 40 per day throughout the rest of the month. The number picked up slightly in February, after migrants destroyed part of the fence, but it remains in the low hundreds. (RELATED: Hungary’s Trump-Style Fence Keeps Refugees Out)

Another successful example is Macedonia — the first step on the Balkan route, which separates Greece from the rest of the EU. Macedonia had more than 60,000 migrants enter the country in January. The migrant influx was cut significantly, leaving tens of thousands stranded in Greece. The desperation among refugees led to clashes with Macedonian military in late February.

China built a wall over 13,000 miles long centuries ago. Building a complete wall on the U.S. Mexico border would be about 2/13ths the project. It’s clearly possible to build – and there’s plenty of evidence to predict it will work as intended.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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