Here’s who I think Hillary will be FORCED to pick for VP

Hey, it was a very busy weekend with Resurrection Day and the NCAA basketball tournament. We’re now down to the Final Four, and it was some exciting basketball. Gotta tell ya, the more you see of Buddy Hield of the Oklahoma Sooners, they may pull this off.

But there was another type of competition going on this weekend and it was a clean sweep.

There were three Democrat caucus events, and you’ll hear from the Clinton camp that they weren’t important. Yep, when you take a woodshed like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just did, you truly want to downplay these contests.

As reported by Fox News, “Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Alaska, Washington and Hawaii Democratic presidential caucuses on Saturday by decisive margins — victories he hopes will spark a Western states comeback and help him cut into frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s substantial lead.

“We knew things were going to improve as we headed west,” Sanders said at a rally in Madison, Wis. “We are making significant inroads in … Clinton’s lead … We have a path toward victory.”

Sanders won Alaska 81-to-18 percent; 68-32 in Hawaii and 73-26 in Washington over Clinton, with all precincts reporting.

Washington was the biggest prize, 101 delegates, followed by Hawaii with 25 and Alaska with 16. Going into the contests, Clinton led by roughly 300 pledged delegates. Sanders, a democratic socialist, on Saturday acknowledged his struggles in recent contests across the South, with its strong conservative voting bloc. But he remained optimistic about upcoming contests in the more liberal West including those in Oregon and California, which alone offers 546 delegates.”

I think it’s important to realize that in the last six Democrat presidential primary contests, Hillary Clinton has won only one. So much for the presumptive nominee. Now you’re asking, why am I addressing the Democrat primary contest because I’ve previously stated both candidates are unqualified? My answer is simple: there’s a very distinct chasm in the Democrat Party. The mainstream media loves to point out the pimples in the GOP, but fails to address the full bore skin rash that has developed in the Democrat Party.

Hillary Clinton leads in the Democrat contest with an aggregate 1,712 delegates while Bernie Sanders has 1,004 — but what would happen if the Dems didn’t have this super delegate category? What if the Dems did not have a dedicated political elite that defied the will of its electorate?

Say what you wish about the GOP elites, they’re not designated super delegates. Boy howdy, they may wish they had the same electoral structure.

However, as of this point, Hillary Clinton has won 20 states, Sanders 15. That has to be alarming. Remember when Chris Matthews asked DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton to explain the difference between the Democrat Party and Socialists? Both of them, the party chair and the presidential frontrunner fumbled and could not answer the question.

The answer is simple: according to the results of the Democrat presidential primary season, there is no difference. As a matter of fact, Sanders, an avowed Democrat Socialist, isn’t even a registered Democrat. He’s an Independent who caucuses with the Democrats in the U.S. Senate. So, the Democrats have fully embraced socialism as the basis for their policy platform – and that does not bode well for the “darling of Wall Street,” Hillary Clinton. Sen. Sanders has dragged Clinton — kicking and screaming for sure — further and further to the progressive socialist left — to a point of no return. That’s a very uncomfortable place for Clinton to be, because she must stay there, based on Sanders’ success. She can ill afford to pivot away and disenfranchise this far left base he’s established. And we know Mrs. Clinton has a trust issue even with Democrats…so what can she do?

First of all, has anyone noticed the distinct differences in the support base for the respective Democrat candidates? Clinton certainly appeals to the typical Democrat electorate, which you saw during the contests down South. She gets the union endorsements, regardless of how their memberships are failing.

Through her expressed concerns over “illegal” immigration, where she has firmly stated she will ensure illegals receive free healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, she’s pandering to Hispanics. She IS the Democrat establishment.

In contrast, Bernie Sanders is bringing an electricity and excitement with young people — who fail to comprehend that Sanders’ economic schemes will bankrupt this nation — but hey, ol’ Uncle Bernie is giving out participation trophies. For Hillary to win the Sanders crowd, she will have to, well, BE Bernie Sanders. There’s no way she can go in reverse from her already far left policy proposals — if so, she risks some very disenfranchised folks, who will also be rather angry.

Second, if Hillary cannot “BE Bernie Sanders”, then she may have to enlist Bernie Sanders. Bernie has survived the southern primary contests where he knew he would get pummeled. His strength is out West and with the far left liberal progressive states. With 15 states to go for the Democrats, Bernie may not be in this fight mathematically, thanks to the super delegates, but he will take this to the end. And if Bernie Sanders gets an opportunity to speak at the DNC convention in Philadelphia — can you imagine the American birthplace of Liberty will be hosting a gathering of socialists? — boy howdy, Hillary may have to name Sanders as her running mate.

Now, wouldn’t that just be a daisy, the Democrat Party who always castigates the GOP as the party of old white men would have two old white folks as their nominees. Katy bar the door, and I’ll be laughing my backside off if that were to happen — which based upon Sanders’ success is quite possible. The only alternative would be a Hillary Clinton-Elizabeth Warren ticket — and I’ll be blunt, the enemies of America would be getting a Chris Matthews thrill up their legs. That has nothing to do with gender, but rather competence — shall I remind y’all of the Russia reset button and the Libya catastrophe, among many other foreign policy faux pas?

Also for Hillary, regardless of what the kool-aid drinking “stuck on stupid” Clinton acolytes and media think, there is that dark specter of the Clinton Foundation, illegal emails, and Benghazi hanging over her.

The fella that everyone took for a joke, Bernie Sanders, is responsible for the redefinition of the Democrat Party. They’re showing themselves to be truly a socialist party. And just as a reminder, it was Vladimir Lenin who stated, “the goal of socialism is communism.”

Again, I just cannot believe the new American Socialist Party will be gathering in Philadelphia this summer for its convention. I think Seattle, Washington or most any college campus student union or teachers lounge would be a better location.

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