George Bush left this waitress a $40 tip; what she did after has everyone OUTRAGED

Here’s a little illustration into how our culture has devolved, and the power of social media.

A couple days ago, our former president and his wife Laura were enjoying a very casual meal at a local eatery. The bill was $21.47 and President Bush left a very generous $40 tip. He was even kind enough to pose with the waitress, Leisa Smith, for a photo.

And of course, what does every snarky, young liberal do, after meeting a gracious former leader of the free world? She disses him on Twitter for all the world to see.


Of course, instantly she was slammed back.


To which she whined she was “only kidding.”


Yeah riiiight. One of the things I love/hate about social media is that you can very quickly demonstrate to millions of people what a jerk you are.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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