BREAKING: Gunshots fired at U.S. Capitol…

*This story has been developing over the course of the afternoon and has been updated multiple times since original posting; see below for the latest.*

As the world remains on high alert, we have news of gunshots being fired at our U.S. Capitol.


Via The Blaze:

Visitors and staff at the U.S. Capitol have been told to shelter in place after reports of gunshots at or near the Capitol Visitors’ Center, according to reporters tweeting from the scene.

An announcement was made to shelter in place over the loudspeaker system, reportedly.

The Capitol Police confirmed that a shooting had occurred, and the shooter is down.

The Associated Press is reporting now that one police officer has been shot — not seriously injured — and the shooter is now in custody.

From the BBC, we learn this:

The Capitol building is on lockdown due to the potential security threat, according to an email sent to congressional staffers.

People outside have been told to seek cover.

No one is currently allowed in or out of any buildings in the Capitol complex.

The Capitol Police are expected to issue a statement soon.

We’ll follow this story and update as we know more.

UPDATE as of 3:26 pm EDT:

Lockdown lifted

No word yet on who the shooter is or what his/her intentions were.

UPDATE as of 4:15 EDT, via CNN:

Capitol shooter

U.S. Capitol police shot a male suspect Monday afternoon following reports of gunfire at the Capitol Visitor Center, law enforcement officials said.

A female civilian bystander was injured by shrapnel, but no U.S. Capitol Police officers have been injured.

The gunman attempted to go through the metal detectors at the Capitol Visitor Center entrance. When those magnetometers beeped, he was stopped by security and then pulled out a gun. A Capitol police officer then shot him, sources told CNN.

The Capitol complex was locked down for nearly an hour following the incident. The Senate Sergeant at Arms has told staffers and others to “return to normal operations.”

“Per USCP, shelter in place has been lifted and the Capitol is open for official business only. Capitol Visitor Center remains closed,” the Senate Sergeant at Arms tweeted.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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