BREAKING: Group confirms target of Easter bombing, issues warning…

As initially feared, the group responsible for killing dozens and injuring hundreds — mostly women and children — with an Easter Sunday suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan, has confirmed it indeed was targeting Christians on their holy day.

However, the Taliban splinter group who “proudly” took responsibility for today’s bloody attack claims it “didn’t want to kill women and children” — despite having detonated the bomb near the children’s swing sets.

Pakistan Target

The group also warned today’s attack was just the first in a series planned for this year.

Via NBC News:

A splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar (TTP-JA), headed by Maulvi Omar Khalid Khurasani claimed responsibility for the suicide attack in Lahore.

The group spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan, called NBC News from an undisclosed location while using an Afghan cell number and said they carried out the attack.

“Members of the Christian community who were celebrating Easter today were our prime target,” the spokesman said.

Asked if women and children were their target as most of those killed in the blast included women and children, the Taliban spokesman said they were not on their list.

“We didn’t want to kill women and children. Our targets were male members of the Christian community,” Ehsan said. He said this was the first of series of ‎attacks they had planned this year in different parts of the country.

There’s no excuse for this type of attack on peaceful members of a religion marking their holy day — men, women or children. But it takes a special kind of sick and cowardly to target women and children — and turn around and claim it “didn’t mean to.” No one’s buying the group’s claim that it “didn’t want to kill women and children” — detonating a blast near the children’s swings? Is there no depth to which these barbarians will not sink?

And what is the world doing to combat this open war on Christians?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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