Liberals cancel transgender speaker for most ABSURD reason ever

Despite occupying a mere 0.3 percent of our population, liberals have made the issue of transgenderism one that everyone is required to take some sort of position on – unless you want to be branded “transphobic.” Which I have to admit is somewhat refreshing after only being labeled “racist” or “sexist” over the years.

Various university speakers (including liberals and feminists) have been de-platformed (i.e. uninvited or cancelled) because they didn’t align themselves with the “progressive” position on transgenderism (i.e. the opposite of what biology says). You wouldn’t think that a transgender person his/herself would be a target, but such is the fate of someone who doesn’t adopt the entire progressive doctrine.

As Campus Reform reported:

A group of Palestinian activists at Brown University protested a lecture hosted by the school’s Hillel House because it allegedly “defended and even advocated for the Israeli state’s policies of occupation and racial apartheid.”

The speaker, however, was set to be Janet Mock, an African-American trans woman and LGBT activist from Hawaii who planned on delivering a lecture entitled, “Redefining Realness” as part of a year-long lecture series on LGBT rights sponsored by a Jewish group known as “Moral Values.”

The only problem, according to students who protested the event, was that a Jewish organization dared to host a lecture on equality when it is affiliated with a country that supports “colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of native Palestinians.”

“We are not asking for students to boycott the event, but simply do not want Janet Mock’s invitation to Brown to be part of Hillel’s (and Israel’s) pinkwashing campaign. We therefore ask Janet Mock to accept Brown students’ sponsorship instead of Hillel’s,” protesters wrote in their petition.

But Mock decided to cancel the event altogether, saying the controversy leading up to the event distracted from her efforts.

To fully understand this sort of lunacy, you have to understand the concept of the  “progressive stack,” which developed during the Occupy Movement. The “stack” tried to ensure that people from “marginalized backgrounds” get to speak before their “privileged” peers. Essentially, the more “oppressed” you are, the higher up you are in the stack.

In their bizarre world, people are ranked by their aggregate “privilege,” and are only capable of discriminating against those with less “privilege.” You can be a black trans activist, but still be an oppressor because a black trans Palestinian activist would hold even less “privilege.”

The lunacy never ends.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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