BREAKING: Caucus results have more TERRIBLE news for Hillary…

Sanders is rolling out painful landslides in Washington and Alaska, and is projected to do well in Hawaii as well. Aloha Hillary!

The Independent reports, Sanders defeated Clinton in Washington’s caucuses 76 percent to 31 percent and 79 percent to 21 percent in Alaska’s, with about 31 percent and 38percent of the states’ precincts reporting.

“We knew from day one we were going to have a hard time politically in the deep south, that is a conservative part of the country,” Sanders told supporters in Madison, Wisconsin “But we knew things were going to improve as we head west.”

“We are making significant inroads in Secretary Clinton’s lead,” he said. “We have a path toward victory.”

The most delegates were at stake in Washington, where Sanders drew more than 15,000 people to a Friday rally at Seattle’s Safeco Field.

Despite Clinton’s lead in the delegate campaign, ol’ Bern continues to draw enthusiastic support, and The Guardian reports folks are having trouble with “arrogant” Clinton.

Luke Michals, who has taken time off work as an aerospace engineer to campaign for Sanders, said he is undecided about whether he would vote for Clinton in the presidential election.

“As of six months ago, I had nothing against Hillary Clinton. She’s a certain type of candidate. She’s the establishment Democratic candidate. I really could have respected her more if she had run a campaign that said: ‘Yeah, I am the establishment candidate. I was secretary of state. I was first lady. I was a senator. I did do all these things but that’s not a bad thing, and these are the reasons’,” he said.

“This campaign that she’s running, that she’s all of a sudden this progressive who gets things done, and she’s trying to put herself to the left of Bernie, that’s disingenuous and lying to the American people.

Earlier today, reports from the Washington caucus indicated turnout was very high – and in fact would eclipse that for Barack Obama in 2008. The Guardian says, in 2008, Barack Obama overwhelmed Hillary Clinton in all three western contests – 68 percent to 32 percent in Washington, 75 percent to 25 percent in Alaska, and 76 percent to 24 percent in his home state of Hawaii.

And it looks like the Bernster is about to do the same in 2016…

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