NOT GOOD: Homeland Security makes troubling announcement that has Obama smiling…

Obama’s immigration policy has been so weak, that in the words of some Border Agents, “we might as well abolish immigration laws altogether.”

Thanks to executive orders he’s passed on immigration, 87 percent of illegal immigrants are currently shielded from deportation. During early stages of the Republican primaries candidates blasted each other’s alleged support of amnesty, but in truth, we already have de facto amnesty.

The other 13 percent don’t have much to worry about either, because the Obama administration has no intention of doing anything to them as well.

Via the Washington Times 

A top Homeland Security official told Border Patrol agents the Obama administration has “no intention of deporting” many of the illegal immigrants caught trying to sneak into the country, ordering instead that they be released so they don’t clog up the courts, a leading advocate for agents testified to Congress.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said the orders are a new “catch and release” policy, which he said “amounts to amnesty” because it means many illegal immigrants are never asked to leave the country.

It also suggests the Border Patrol is being ordered to break President Obama’s own enforcement priorities, which say new illegal immigrants — defined as those who came after Dec. 31, 2013 — are priorities for deportation, and are supposed to be arrested and processed.

Immigration agents have complained for several years that Mr. Obama has tied their hands, forcing them to release illegal immigrants who should have been easy deportation cases.

It’s hard to buy the “clogging up the courts” argument. Aren’t the illegals clogging our courts the ones who committed crimes here?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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