Revealed: Here’s the number one reason Hillary will NEVER face charges…

Hillary Clinton can’t seem to keep her story straight on the subject of her private email server.

She originally assured us that no classified information was sent through her private server. After thousands of classified emails were found (22 of which contained information deemed “too classified to be made public”), but defense became that the information wasn’t marked classified at the time.

Even if the information contained wasn’t deemed to be classified until after the fact, you’d think the Secretary of State would know what kind of information is sensitive enough to warrant being classified.

The possibility that she’s simply clueless is still out there – and a recent report by the Daily Caller indicates that may be the case…

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received no security briefings on the proper handling of classified materials in three of her four years at the State Department, according to documents released by department officials to The Daily Caller News Foundation under a Freedom of Information request.

Clinton’s sole briefing occurred on January 22, the day after the Senate confirmed her to the post. On that date, as the nation’s top diplomat, Clinton signed a document acknowledging she received a security briefing.

But there is no evidence that she received any briefings after that, according to the documents provided to The DCNF by the State Department. The department’s Foreign Assistance Manual requires all State Department employees to receive regular security training at least once a year.

A former State Department official told the Daily Caller that yearly security briefings were common for the Secretary of State when he was part of the department. If it’s the case that Hillary has broken any laws in avoiding these mandatory briefings, it’ll surprisingly be one of her lesser offenses.

But the opposite will likely happen. She can now plead ignorance – that she wasn’t properly informed enough to know she was breaking any laws when sending classified information (which wasn’t yet classified) over her private server.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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