Marvel, Disney, MGM, Sony, CBS, Discovery, NBC just issued major THREAT to conservatives..

There appears to be a little kerfuffle going on in my birth state of Georgia over religious freedom — darn, silly me, I thought it was a constitutional right.

However, when it comes to certain societal special interests, nothing is sacrosanct. Let me be clear, as I’ve always stated on these pages, I support civil unions. And to have five folks in black robes redefine marriage in the United States and then order the states to comply — well, that kinda violates the concept of federalism. As well, the Supreme Court of the United States is supposed to interpret law, not create it. Unless you failed civics, you know that is an Article I, Legislative branch enumerated power. And furthermore, how did we get to the point in America where five folks in black robes — unelected jurists — could create a “right” anyway?

So, let’s drop all the uber-emotional drivel and have a deep constitutional conversation using logic and reason — something missing from the American discourse. For those who just read the headlines and then go about hurling invectives — well, it just highlights your lack of cranial aptitude.

As reported by Variety, by that bastion of constitutional thought, “MGM, Sony, Lionsgate, 21st Century Fox, the Weinstein Company, CBS, Discovery, Comcast NBCUniversal and Time Warner are the latest media companies to oppose a pending religious liberty bill in Georgia. Time Warner says the bill “clearly violates the values and principles of inclusion and the ability of all people to live and work free from discrimination,” while the Weinstein Company says it “will not stand behind sanctioning the discrimination of‎ LGBT people or any American.” Sony said “Bill HB 757 is anathema to our studio and to all those who value diversity and inclusion.”

MGM says it’s “unequivocally committed to inclusion, diversity and tolerance in all circumstances.” The Weinstein Company also threatened to move its Lee Daniels-directed biopic of Richard Pryor, which is set to begin filming before the end of the year‎. The film stars Oprah, Eddie Murphy, Kate Hudson, Mike Epps and Tracy Morgan.

“We have plans in place to begin filming Lee Daniels’ new film in Georgia later this year, but will move the production if this unlawful bill is enacted,” TWC said. “We hope Governor Deal will veto bill HB 757 and not allow sanctioned bigotry to become law in Georgia.”

I’ve even read the National Football League is considering dropping my birthplace of Atlanta from consideration to host an upcoming Super Bowl. So what gives? What is so damning about this Georgia bill HB 757? Well, after the SCOTUS decision it’s just seeking to provide protection for those who possess religious beliefs in opposition to the LGBT lifestyle. In other words, the bill seeks to protect that silly First Amendment individual right to freedom of religion, and the free exercise thereof.

Y’all know about the horrendous persecution of the bakers in Oregon, florist in Seattle, and the portrait studio owner in New Mexico? In the case in Oregon, the state has actually imposed fines against the couple and they’ve basically been driven out of business.

Seems to me, we’ve got the same problem the Pilgrims had, causing them to flee the persecution of the infamous Church of England where the head of Church was also the head of State.

This is the problem illustrated by Obergfell vs Hodges, the same-sex marriage case — the conflict of a new right, granted by five justices based on a behavioral choice, as opposed to a long standing right, freedom of religion. I have no issue with anyone enjoying his, her or in between unalienable right to pursue happiness, but how can it be that the State, or the private sector, should force the choice of one over the right of another?

I found it really interesting that some refer to the bill in Georgia as an anti-gay bill. It seems if you don’t accommodate something you must be against it — gotta ask, where are all these Hollywood voices when ISIS and Islamic jihadists are executing gays and lesbians? And that includes Iran — but Hollywood and the NFL were cool with Obama dishing out $150 billion to them.

What’s happening here in America isn’t about anti-gay, but rather the redefinition of freedom of religion. In each of the cases mentioned, no one was refused service because of their sexual orientation. Those business owners, because of their religious beliefs, do not consent to providing their service for a specific event that went against their conscience — and that is their freedom. It’s just like the Obama administration going after the Little Sisters of the Poor — again, the state persecuting a group because of their religious convictions and beliefs. In that case, these dear nuns are being told they must provide contraception — which is contrary to their faith.

Ladies and gents, the state, i.e. government, is now defining not freedom of religion, but where you can HAVE your freedom of faith and conscience.

The government, Hollywood and the NFL are trying to tell folks that your beliefs will cost you economically — that is punitive, fascist. These groups are telling others where it is acceptable for you to have religious freedom — in other words, it cannot be part of a greater public sphere.

In essence they seek to drive Christians back into the catacombs. Yet, you are free to express your sexual orientation and behavioral choice anywhere you please. I just gotta tell ya, I’m not too happy about this thing of a fella feeling like a girl being able to go into the women’s restroom — I have daughters. So here we have individual sexual choice overruling individual privacy rights.

It’s really easy to spew the hateful rhetoric of anti-gay or homophobe. Those monikers are just used to shut off dialogue. I ain’t retreating. Isn’t it rather hypocritical that the liberal progressive leftists want “safe spaces” in order to have their own bubble word to pursue their own ideological agenda without challenge? Yet, they will not allow Christians any safe spaces for their faith, unless prescribed by the left. And even more disconcerting, you have these entertainment elites who wish to economically punish my birth state just because it wants to protect the citizens of Georgia and their First Amendment right.

Can we have a reasoned discussion to come to understand that we do not need to destroy traditional marriage just to accommodate a special interest minority? And please, don’t patronize me by trying to make some comparative analysis to being black and the civil rights movement. You see, the difference is that when I walk into a room you immediately can ascertain to things about me — black and male. Anything else is learned as a result of speaking with me and comprehending my behaviors. The SCOTUS established a right based on behavior — sexual behavior.

I just have to ask, why is it that gun ownership — a behavior — is discriminated against in many states and cities? After all, it’s a constitutional right, just like the freedom of religion. One thing you have to love about the progressive socialist left — they like choice when it comes to killing babies and sexual orientation – but otherwise, they despise your choice for schools, gun ownership and faith.

I know Governor Nathan Deal, and sir, protecting the religious freedom of all the citizens in Georgia is your duty — not being fearful of Hollywood types. If they leave, well, I guess that means there’ll be more Christian films made in Georgia. Regardless, sir, when you stand on principle for that which is right, you will be richly blessed.


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