Here’s why killing ISIS #2 doesn’t mean we’re winning…

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter just announced that a U.S. Special Operations direct action mission in Syria resulted in the death of the number two person in ISIS. I commend our brave operators who continue to do that which is above and beyond heroism.

However, to come out after the Brussels Islamic jihadist attack – where counter raids are still being conducted – believing this is a GREAT success is delusional.

During World War II our forces intercepted Japanese communications and successfully shot down and killed venerable Admiral Yamamoto – the Japanese did not stop fighting. We were successful during a special operations forces raid in killing Osama Bin Laden – al-Qaida has not disappeared. As a matter of fact, the group has seen a resurgence and expanded greatly into the Maghreb, the Arabian Peninsula, and Southwest Asia still.

The global Islamic jihad isn’t just about killing one fella here and there – it’s about delegitimizing a vile and savage ideology. And it’s kinda hard to do that while you’re doing the wave at a baseball game with a communist dictator or supposedly acting suave doing the tango.

Drone strikes, special forces raids and ballroom dancing are not strategies. I’m glad the bastard is dead, but there are a whole lot of others in neighborhoods in Brussels, across Europe, extending from West Africa to the Philippines and here in America that need whacking.

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