BREAKING: Suicide bomb kills 29 at football stadium…

ISIS is claiming responsibility for a fresh attack today that has killed at least 29 and injured nearly 60 others, at a football stadium south of Baghdad.

Via Fox News:

BREAKING: In the latest terror attack linked to the Islamic State, at least 29 people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked a football stadium south of Baghdad Friday, Iraqi security officials told The Associated Press.

Nearly 60 other people were reported hurt.

Fox News has learned ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for the blast. The terror group also said it was behind the bombings in Belgium Tuesday, which killed 31 people and wounded 270 others.

Security officials tell the AP Friday’s bombing took place during a match in the small stadium in the city of Iskanderiyah, 30 miles from Baghdad. Medical officials confirmed the death toll.

Even as the Pentagon announced U.S. Special Operations forces have killed ISIS’ second-in-command, ISIS continues on its roll.

It was just three days ago that the radical Islamic group murdered at least 30 and injured 300 in multiple attacks in Brussels. And just last night, French authorities arrested someone involved in an “advanced stage” terror plot. It appears all but certain that more attacks are in the works — the question is where and when. The group warned earlier this week, “What will be coming is worse.”

As Col. West wrote earlier, while taking out ISIS’ #2 guy earlier is good news, it’s not enough.

The global Islamic jihad isn’t just about killing one fella here and there – it’s about delegitimizing a vile and savage ideology. And it’s kinda hard to do that while you’re doing the wave at a baseball game with a communist dictator or supposedly acting suave doing the tango.

Each attack reinforces what most of us already realize: time is of the essence, both to save lives and stop this growing force before it’s too late.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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