AWKWARD: Hillary Clinton meets Caitlyn Jenner; lets out EMBARRASSING Freudian slip …

If you had any doubt whatsoever that the presidential elections in this country have turned into a reality show, here is all the proof you need…as an actual reality show inserted itself onto the campaign trail.

Trans -amazon and staunch conservative Caitlyn Jenner just “happened” to be traveling with her camera crew and lovely trans peeps in Iowa in November where there just “happened” to be a Democrat debate.

As the Daily Mail reports, “Jenner’s film crews were on stand-by as the presidential candidate and former first lady walked by Jenner and her entourage and stopped for a brief chat.

Clinton looked surprised to see Jenner, stretching out her hand for hand shake, saying it was ‘good to see’ her.

Jenner then said that she had attended the debate, adding that she and her group of friends were on the road ‘dealing with trans issues across America’.

That sparked Clinton’s interest, who said ‘I have to tell you, what’s happening around the world deserves your attention. Anything you can do to help’.

‘I’m trying to figure out a way we can do that,’ Jenner said.”

But it was Clinton’s final comment that contained the awkward Freudian slip: ‘Well I just want you guys to have a great time and do great work.”

Oops! This may be one of the most honest things Clinton has ever said, as the group she was referring to are all in fact… “guys.”

But perhaps Mts. Clinton was just trying to remain civil. After all Mzzzz. Jenner has called the former first lady a “political hack,” a “horrible’ secretary of state” and a “f***ing liar.”

Ouch! To date, she has not gone public with her opinions on Clinton’s pantsuits.

[This article was written in heavy mascara and heels by Michele Hickford]


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