SHAMEFUL: Look what a Muslim woman was caught doing at Brussels memorial

Photo: Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Following the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, MTV briefly ran an ad campaign highlighting a group of Muslims that raised $120,000 for the families of the victims. Never mind the fact that this amounts to a fraction of a cent per-Muslim American, it was supposed to draw attention to the fact that the majority of Muslims don’t condone such attacks.

Fine. They’re right.

But if they’re free to showcase those who responded positively, we should be able to point out that many react just the opposite.

Following the attacks in Brussels, a memorial was put up in the Place de la Bourse, a historic landmark in the city. You’d think there would be some respect for the recently decreased, but hatred triumphed. A woman was spotted tearing up an Israeli flag, and swapping it for a Palestinian flag.

The Jerusalem Post via The Gateway Pundit) reported:

A French-language station captured footage of a woman wearing a hijab ripping up an Israeli flag at a makeshift memorial for the victims of Tuesday’s bombings in Brussels.

The images were captured by the RTL television network and disseminated on the web and social media.

In the clip, the woman is seen sifting through the flags that were lining the pavement. After lifting a Palestinian flag, she then spots an Israeli flag and begins tearing it up. She then buries the ripped shards underneath other flags.

A Muslim man was also spotted covering Israeli Flags with a Palestinian flag:

This received surprisingly little media attention – the only reporting we could find on the incident, outside of The Gateway Pundit, was from Jewish news sources. Something tells me we might have heard about this had she replaced a flag with a Trump sign…

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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