Liberal media tries to CORNER Ted Cruz on monitoring Muslims; his response is BRILLIANT

Predictably, liberals and their media have pounced all over Sen. Ted Cruz’s response to Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels. The candidate dared issue a statement calling for the U.S. to reject political correctness and “empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.”

Suddenly, this candidate, who has been relatively ignored by the media, has become a new target of attack — further evidence they point to of the GOP’s “radical” ways.

But Ted Cruz isn’t taking the bait, as you can see in this Bloomberg Politics interview with Mark Halperin.

Via The Right Scoop:

Mark Halperin actually asked Ted Cruz what he would say to a young child in a Muslim neighborhood who saw police there. But Ted Cruz didn’t take the bait and went on to school Halperin on the actual issues at stake here and why police are not the enemy:

Cruz totally nailed it:

You ask what would someone think if they saw a police presence? Listen, the police are here to protect us!

I categorically reject the view of Democrats that the police are the bad guys. And people are fed up with this notion that every time there is an incident, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Bill de Blasio side with the criminals, the looters, with the thugs, rather than the brave men and women of blue.

I’m proud to stand with the police!

…When we have police in a community, it protects that community and keeps it safe and we need to stop pretending radical Islamic terrorism doesn’t exist and instead work to defeat it and keep this country safe.

That’s how you handle liberal attacks designed as innocent questions.

Clearly, the liberal media is more interested in “gotcha” type questions than getting to a deeper understanding of what Cruz (or Trump, for that matter) might suggest as a solution. Nor do you hear them asking what, exactly, Obama means by “we’ll do everything possible” to help our “friends” in Belgium — rather, it’s just sufficient to quote his platitudes as a contrast to sound bytes from Cruz and Trump’s proposed solutions.

Whether or not Cruz is your top pick for the primary, I believe he speaks for many of us who are sick and tired of our men and women in blue being portrayed as the bad guys, while purveyors of political correctness seem to want to protect those who would do others harm.

Meanwhile, Europe now has whole communities of radical Islamists living separately, not allowing law enforcement in, so they are free to plot their jihad without interference from the rule of law of the land. Is that what we want to see here in the United States? How can we thwart jihadi attacks without keeping an eye on the hotbeds? Don’t we all deserve to understand more about this potential strategy put forth by one of our candidates — before the left and its media categorically reject it out of hand for being politically incorrect?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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