What Obama’s administration just said about the Brussels attacks is BEYOND STUPID

Folks, y’all have heard me refer to people as being “stuck on stupid.” Well, I have a higher level of insanity, a “special kind of stupid” — and just when you think it cannot get any worse, it does. We thank the Iranians for putting our Sailors on their knees at gunpoint. President Obama goes to a baseball game in Cuba when there’s another massive Islamic jihadist attack — and spends a whopping 51 seconds addressing the savagery. Well, unbelievably, all of that has been topped.

As reported by Politico, “For the State Department, Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels signaled that the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations are “under pressure.”

“This is a group that isn’t operating at all the way it used to and we think that one of the reasons why we are starting to see more of these kinds of attacks—even in Baghdad—is because this group is under some pressure,” spokesman Adm. John Kirby told MSNBC.

The attacks at the airport and a metro station Tuesday morning killed at least 34 and injured hundreds. ISIL claimed responsibility for the attacks within hours, though Kirby stated that he was not himself saying the group was responsible.

“Clearly groups like this have capabilities that we have to take very seriously. And they have threatened Western targets now for a long, long time and it’s a threat we are all too familiar with, sadly, in trying to better prepare ourselves for,” Kirby said in the interview.

ISIL, Kirby continued, is “under increasing pressure in Iraq and Syria, and we are seeing them resort to more traditional terrorist tactics like suicide bombings and car bombs and those kinds of things because they aren’t able to hold and grab the territory they once were because they are suffering a lot of hits to their resources.”

Like I said, this statement evidences a very special kind of stupid. This type of logic suggests that when Islamic terrorists conduct jihadist attacks and kill innocent civilians, it’s only because they’re stressed out.

Good God Kirby, I know Navy has beat Army 14 straight years in football, but praise be to the Lord Almighty that you were not in my branch of service.

Based on what Kirby just said, I certainly do not want to “increase the pressure” on ISIS — heck, they may really start to do damage. And if this is a reflection of a “pressured” barbaric Islamic terrorist group, then heaven help us if they’re ever REALLY successful.

I’m truly thankful Kirby wasn’t the State Department talking head after 9-11. Needless to say he would have characterized al-Qaida as a defeated enemy who was on its last breath and wanted to go out in style.

Where does the liberal progressive left find these chuckleheads? And here we all thought the ludicrous statements had ceased once Marie Harf had departed.

Does anyone believe we shall strike back at ISIS? President Obama gave the attack his cursory “we must all stand together” — yes, that’s how we put pressure on them. And now Obama is off to Argentina, or somewhere. In the era of Obama, Islamic jihadism has increased exponentially and if you think Hillary Clinton [architect of the Libya debacle] and Bernie Sanders will do any better…well, you are in the same club with Kirby.

I’ll give the Belgians credit, they’re going into the snake pit neighborhood that has harbored these jihadists and are cleaning it out — something that we, under Obama, would never do – heck, his response to the San Bernardino jihadist attack was to call for more gun control. We do not win on defense, just reacting. We win by going on offense and this means simply, NATO, which has had its member nations attacked, must take this fight to the enemy, globally. It means we combat the global Islamic jihad — we know where they have sanctuary.

If there is no response, other than the normal sensitive hashtag movement, we continue to embolden this enemy and portray abject weakness. Where are the strong leaders in Western civilization? Who will stand up? Who will face tyranny and respond Molon Labe?

And I can just envision the comments from the head-in-the sand cowards who will decry war mongering and fear mongering. Doggone, I’m done with y’all, the clock is ticking and we have almost ten more months to go with people like John Kirby saying really stupid things. The jihadists are sitting back in Syria, Iraq, and Libya laughing. They’re all over social media inspiring others to join their cause. And we are stupidly saying their attack shows they’re under pressure, or that as Hillary Clinton suggested, closing our borders is not a viable solution. If we want to put pressure on the global Islamic jihad then we drain all the swamps, foreign and domestic.

Sadly, we appear not to have the will to fight back, therefore, we do not have the will to survive. This is what the enemy sees, and they are rejoicing. The next president must have a deliberate aggressive plan and strategy to crush the Islamic jihad. But most importantly, the next administration cannot have individuals like John Kirby as spokespersons who are an embarrassment. No more sanctuary cities, sanctuary communities, sanctuary regions — jihadists have to understand this, “you can run but you will only die tired.” That is not bravado, that is an intent — and it is based on strength, which is the only thing these animals comprehend.

We can either get to fighting or get to dying – and I choose the former.

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