MORTIFYING: Look what Belgium did 2 months BEFORE the Brussels terror attack…

When the New York Times reported on Donald Trump’s criticism of Brussels as a “hellhole” in January, he wasn’t the only one criticizing the city.

Belgium’s reputation as a haven for terrorists is nothing new, and Brussels is their city of choice. The man who killed four in a Jewish Museum in Brussels in May of 2014 resided there, as did one of the Paris attackers. The Brussels Lockdown in November of last year helped solidify this perception of the city internationally.

Over 250 from Belgium have left to join ISIS.

As reported by IJ Review, the city aimed to dispel this reputation with an ad campaign.

Because that reputation hit the tourism industry hard, the visitors bureau in Brussels has been working to rehabilitate the city’s image in the world community.

Two months ago, “Visit Brussels” ran a “Call Brussels” ad campaign attempting to do just that.

As of today the campaign has ended and the “call Brussels” number has been disconnected.

As was inevitable, here’s the updated (tragic parody) version of the advertisement:

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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