BREAKING: ISIS makes MASSIVE move in Europe…400 trained fighters ordered to…

Mere hours after President Obama declared the Islamic State is not an “existential threat,” the terrorist group’s plans for additional attacks throughout Europe are emerging.


Via Fox News:

Security officials have told The Associated Press that the Islamic State group has trained at least 400 attackers and sent them into Europe for terror attacks.

The network of interlocking, agile and semiautonomous cells shows the reach of the extremist group in Europe even as it loses ground in Syria. The officials, including European and Iraqi intelligence officials and a French lawmaker who follows the jihadi networks, describe camps designed specifically to train for attacks against the West.

The officials say the fighters have been given orders to find the right time, place and method to carry out their mission.

So even if ISIS is being weakened in Syria, the group has already effectively infiltrated Europe — with the help of the Syrian refugee crisis, which led uber-politically correct European leaders to open wide their borders without effective screening, assimilation and/or monitoring. Kinda similar to what President Obama is pushing for here and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is getting dinged for standing against. And God forbid one would monitor neighborhood enclaves of radicals — like Brussels’ Molenbeek neighborhood — as candidate Ted Cruz suggests we should be doing in the face of this expanding threat. Tell me, who are the crazy ones?

And yeah, this news of 400 ISIS fighters poised for more attacks throughout Europe comes just hours after President Obama — speaking at the latest stop on his Latin America / Spring Break 2016 tour — downplayed the gravity of the threat posed by Islamic terror.

The Daily Caller:

Speaking to reporters in Argentina Wednesday, President Obama downplayed the gravity of Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels by saying ISIS does not pose “an existential threat” to national security.

“I addressed this issue a little bit at the baseball game when I was interviewed by ESPN,” the president explained, “but let me reiterate.”

“Groups like ISIL can’t destroy us. They can’t defeat us,” he continued. “They can’t produce anything. They’re not an existential threat to us.”

Once again, you really have to hand it to President Obama for his well-timed comments. It’s almost as if he’s in coordination with the terrorists themselves. There’s a thought…

Will our country be jolted out of its politically correct slumber — and learn from Europe’s mistakes — before it’s too late?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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