If I were president, I’d have said THIS to Castro right when I saw him… [GRAPHIC]

I just gotta tell y’all, there has to be a point where President Obama demonstrates some sense of American pride. When ten US Sailors are forced to their knees at gunpoint by the Iranians — nothing. When an American, James Foley, is brutally beheaded by ISIS — Obama goes to play golf after a lackluster prepared statement. When 14 Americans were killed and 21 wounded by an Islamic jihadist couple — he responds with more gun control. When five Marines and Sailors are gunned down at a Naval Reserve Facility in Chattanooga, how many days passed before flags flew at half-staff? As a matter of fact, President Obama went to New York City for a Broadway play instead of going to Chattanooga. So it should be no surprise that today, when ISIS carries out a deadly attack in Brussels, Obama heads to a baseball game with his new commie pals in Cuba.

Yet Christians get lectures about not getting up on their “high horses” at the National Prayer breakfast. And we’re told the future does not belong to those who ” slander the prophet of Islam” — which we all know was a false narrative created to mask the truth about the abandonment and subsequent murder of four Americans at the hands of Islamic terrorists. And even on stage with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in what President Obama thought was an “off mic” moment, he states, “tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after reelection” – a far cry from Reagan telling Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.”

So off Obama goes to Cuba to make nice with Raul Castro — you know, another historic moment for that presidential library. Sure, there are folks comparing this to Richard Nixon and his China visit. But does anyone think Richard Nixon would have taken some “smack” from the Chinese about the country he led?

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “Cuban President Raul Castro, while standing next to President Obama during his historic visit to the island nation, delivered a lecture to the United States on its “double standard” on human rights and ticked off several other demands to fully normalize relations.

During several moments of awkward tension while he shared the stage with Obama, Castro highlighted America’s “political manipulation and double standards” with respect to human rights and lack of universal healthcare. In response to a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta on why his regime imprisons dissidents, Castro appeared to deny that his country has done so.

“What political prisoners?” he asked. “Give me a name or names. After this meeting is over…and they will be released before tonight ends.”

Later, he summed up the “profound differences” between the two countries’ systems of government. “There are profound differences between our countries that will not go away,” Castro said. “…We should learn the art of coexisting with our differences in a civilized manner.”

Obama, at one point taking exception to Castro speaking to an aide while he was trying to answer a question from the press, declared it a “new day” between the U.S. and Cuba, trying to focus on the positive.

“We were moved by the Cubans who received us yesterday smiling and waving when we drove in from the airport,” he said, noting that 40 members of Congress are traveling with him as part of the U.S. delegation, a sign of the “excitement and interest in American” about the new business opportunities in Cuba.”

Well there apparently wasn’t THAT much excitement. Obama received no welcome at the airport from Raul Castro. The Pope, he ain’t.

So once again, when the opportunity to stand up for America arose, the emissary of unicorns and rainbows tried to play happy and sing Barney the Purple Dragon’s song, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too.”

You see, when dealing with dictators, they only comprehend one thing: strength. And Raul Castro, as the Ayatollahs know, realizes that once Obama commits himself to something, he will never retract but remain dedicated to his agenda, regardless of the disrespect handed out.

So, when the Iranians take our Sailors at gunpoint, the Obama administration thanks them. As Iran fires off one ballistic missile after another in violation of the nuclear agreement and U.N. Resolutions, Obama says nothing and gives them billions of dollars. When Vladimir Putin deploys troops to Syria, Obama says Putin is operating from a position of weakness.

This is why a Donald J. Trump has appeared. President Obama does not know how to operate from a position of strength, and actually, his sycophants tell the emperor he’s fully clothed and his foreign policy is successful while the liberal progressive media continues to prostitute itself — such as the Atlantic magazine cover story on “The Obama Doctrine.”

Americans are sitting back and watching our president get sand kicked in his face, and sadly, he likes it. Everyone knows that since Obama pledged to open up diplomatic relations with Cuba, the treatment of political dissidents has increased — and why not since you (Cuba) have nothing to lose, and you’re gaining everything. The Art of The Deal, yep, apparently Barack Obama didn’t read that book, or more importantly The Prince by Machiavelli. Obama certainly read Rules for Radicals by fellow Chicagoan Saul Alinksy…and don’t forget Hillary Clinton was an understudy of Alinsky. Maybe that’s why the Chicago Cubs have been punished with not winning a World Series for so very long. The Cubs should call up the Boston Red Sox and ask what they did to break the curse of the Bambino.

Hey, I had to slip in a little baseball talk, since we’re having a Major League Baseball game in Havana.

Do I believe something different had to be done with Cuba? Yep. Do I believe we should go begging hat in hand to the Castros in order to achieve something different? Nah. Obama is like a love-starved, giddy little girl who so wants to have the boy of her dreams that she’ll take any disrespectful behavior — and excuse it. The fella knows that and therefore will never change his behavior – and that is the basis of Obama foreign policy: “Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places.”

A real American president, if on the stage with Castro, would have simply walked away and suggested ol’ Raul engage in some strenuous self-copulation.

Then again, an American president would not have been on that stage with an avowed Communist who was ridiculing his nation. The lesson to be learned: never badmouth your own nation on a public stage, because others will repeat what you’ve said.

Should we open up businesses, trade, and travel with Cuba — sure, when the Castros and the ruling regime stop imprisoning those who petition their government for redress of grievances. And President Obama, why would you take an official photo in front of a depiction of Che Guevara — unless you condone the actions of a socialist sociopathic mass murderer?

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