BREAKING: Winners projected in Arizona primary, with one SURPRISE

Despite long lines forcing polls open late, multiple news outlets are now projecting Donald Trump as the winner of Arizona’s primary. He’ll add the state’s winner-take-all prize of 58 delegates to his count toward the 1,237 needed for the nomination.
Arizona primary

Trump’s win was not a surprise, as he was widely expected to take the state, both based on the polls and his stance on immigration popular with many in this border state.

Here’s a surprise, however: With nearly half of the votes tallied, Sen. Marco Rubio at this point has received more votes than Gov. John Kasich. Yeah, the guy who’s only won ONE state (his home state), and insists on staying in the race, received fewer votes than the guy who saw the writing on the wall last week and gracefully bowed out. To be fair, no doubt a good portion (if not the majority) of Rubio’s votes may have come from early voting — and Kasich did not actively campaign in the state. But, still… none of this makes Kasich’s delusions of grandeur about the nomination any less delusional.

Meanwhile, on the Democrat side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is projected to win Arizona.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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