Y’all keep asking, so here’s what I REALLY think is gonna happen to Hillary…

As you know, I’m so greatly privileged to travel and speak across the country. This past week I was over in Walton County, Florida and down in Tyler, Texas.

There’s a certain question I always seem to get asked either before I speak in receptions, and most certainly during a Q&A session. It always comes down to, “What do you think will happen with Hillary Clinton?” My response is pretty much standard: ask Valerie Jarrett.

So I figured I would share a more in-depth assessment with the broader www.allenbwest.com audience.

The first thing we must all admit is that there is no love lost between the Clinton and Obama camps. There’s a grudging understanding between the two; one of required mutual need. It’s a tenuous relationship that could be severed in a heartbeat.

Y’all remember the Bill Clinton declaration from 2008 during the South Carolina primary that the race card was being played on HIM? Such a shock for the previously anointed, “first black president.” And then there was Hillary Clinton screeching “shame on you Barack Obama.” I must admit, seeing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama making nice about each other is about as disingenuous as a rattlesnake inviting a rabbit to dinner. Obama bringing Hillary Clinton in as his secretary of state reminds me of the maxim, “keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.” And therein lies the whole situation revolving around these “emails” of the former secretary of state.

It’s not just what Clinton has done – I’m quite sure everyone knew about her in-home private server being used for official government “classified” information sharing. The real issue is, what does Hillary Clinton have on Barack Obama?

Let’s be honest, if any member of the U.S. military had done 5 percent of what Hillary Clinton has, they’d be doing the perp walk into Ft. Leavenworth. But nah, not good ol’ Hillary of Chicago; she’s running to be the commander in chief.

Those emails have something that implicate the Obama administration, hence why she plays the game of chicken regarding those emails being made public. However, if Attorney General Loretta Lynch does not prefer charges, i.e. indictment, well, she, and Obama, have another problem — and in turn it’s a problem for Hillary Clinton.

What will those investigating FBI agents do — including, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey? The word on the street is that they’ll walk. And if they walk, then they’ll talk — and there will be a whole lot of ears, along with ink and paper. Truthfully, it’s not the emails about which the Clintons should be most concerned. It’s actually the dealings of the Clinton Foundation. Now, if Obama can drop the guillotine on Hillary Clinton about the Foundation, and not the emails, he won’t blink to do so.

There is immense distrust between the Clintons and Obamas, and President Obama knows his legacy is not secure with the former secretary of state. She may be touting the Obama policy agenda right now, but you can bet your bottom dollar that once elected, Hillary Clinton will abandon any and everything Obama.

It will be all about her — and the progressive socialist left may just be boneheaded enough to trust her. Here is what I want y’all to look out for: the point of no return. If and when President Obama begins to make the overtures, covertly so, to support Clinton as the Democrat nominee, it may signal that Hillary is clear from him. But that does not erase the dark specter hanging over her head.

Do I think the jury is still out? Yes, and one of the reasons why is because all of a sudden, Massachusetts uber-progressive socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren has broken her “cone of silence” and is now speaking out. And you know what is perplexing? If Donald Trump is such a loser against Hillary Clinton — then why is the progressive left going bonkers about stopping him?

Why are they out protesting? Shouldn’t they simple embrace and encourage Trump to get the nomination? I truly believe the Democrat Party doesn’t want to face Trump in a general election. He is a wild card and does not fit any of the templates the liberal left loves to use against GOP candidates. And that causes another huge problem for Hillary Clinton: running against someone who knows her and Bill inside out and isn’t afraid at all to attack.

With all this said, here is what should easily disqualify Hillary Clinton from the candidacy of the presidency of the United States. Hillary Clinton abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi and then lied about it. She didn’t even have the courage of conviction to go on the Sunday shows and talk about what happened at the Special Mission Compound which was under the State Department. Why was the U.N. Ambassador sent out on those Sunday shows? And this is supposed to be the front runner for the Democrat Party? This is supposed to be a person that moms and dads, wives and husbands, children and grandchildren are to trust their loved ones to protect when deploying them into harm’s way?

In my opinion, Barack Obama’s dream ticket is still Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. America’s nightmare ticket is anything the new American Socialist Party, formerly known as the Democrat Party, offers for president and vice president. Currently the Democrats are offering up a serving of an avowed socialist and a liar — that is not debatable. The only question is whether or not we can add another adjective to the latter: criminal felon.

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