Obama tweets greeting to Cuba upon his arrival but makes one HUGE gaffe…

Clearly, this president is one of the most social media savvy politicians on the planet (other than Donald J. Trump), regularly tweeting oddly awkward selfies and videos.

In advance of his “historic” visit to Cuba, President Obama sent a warm and enthusiastic shout out to his peeps in Havana.

There’s just one problem. Only five percent of the population actually has access to the internet.

But for all you taxpayers worried about funding Obama’s junket to the communist haven, it may well be that Google has underwritten the trip.

Fortune says, In a conversation with ABC News, the President said, “one of the things that we’ll be announcing here is that Google has a deal to start setting up more Wi-Fi access and broadband access on the island.”

There’s been speculation that Google was maneuvering for a foothold in Cuba as the U.S. becomes more friendly with its one-time Cold War foe.

In June, Politico reported that a Google executive was visiting Cuba to explore bringing better Internet access to the island. And in July, there were reports that Google executives had presented the Cuban government with a plan to expand Internet access on the island, and that officials there were skeptical of it.

Well that’s hardly surprising, considering just hours before President Obama’s arrival, Cuban authorities arrested more than 50 dissidents who were marching to demand improved human rights.

Do you really think the Cuban government wants open internet access for its people?

Anyway, no doubt the few lucky Cuban citizens who were logged in to Twitter were delighted to see Obama’s greetings.


[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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