Revealed: Insider explains how GOP can and WILL STEAL the nomination from Trump

We’ve reported previously on some top conservatives who were plotting a third-party run to thwart Trump. I joked back then that they must’ve forgot that they could’ve voted for Ted Cruz.

A third party run is a fantasy this late in the game, and would do nothing but split the Republican vote and hand it over to Hillary. Remember that last time we had a center-right independent candidate running for president, it lead to our first Clinton presidency.

The last hope the establishment has to try and stop Trump is at the convention. If it wasn’t likely that the establishment is planning to take the nomination from Trump at the convention, then why would John Kasich, who needs more delegates than exist to win the nomination, stay in the race?

Roger Stone told Breitbart News that even if GOP frontrunner Donald Trump clinches the 1,237 delegates to win the nomination outright, the party will fight like wild to steal it from him by changing the rules at the convention.

In a number of states, the Republican chairman is essentially placing non-Trump people into Trump delegate slots,” Stone said on Breitbart News Daily. “Under the party rules, anyone can register to be a delegate. You don’t have to really be ‘a Trump supporter.’ While those delegates would be bound by the results of primaries or caucuses to vote for Trump on the first ballot, they are not bound on procedural matters like the rules.”

“So, the idea is to have a majority against Trump prior to the first ballot, which you could essentially lay the groundwork for the big steal, by passing as they did to Ron Paul three years ago, rules that are detrimental to Trump, or by unseating Trump delegates,” he said. “The rules committee could theoretically say, states that allowed Democrats and independents to vote without changing their registration to Republican — those delegates would be disallowed.”

This follows comments by GOP official Curly Haugland, who said on CNBC that it appears we’re headed into a contested convention. In his words, “The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here.”

No joke – when then asked why we should even bother holding primaries, he replied “that’s a very good question.”

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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