Wow: Watch anti-Trump protesters blocking highway FREAK when this happens…

Yesterday morning, anti-Trump protesters completely blocked off traffic in both directions ahead of a Trump campaign rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona. According to Tucson News Now, three protesters were arrested.


Photo source: The Gateway Pundit.

For hours, the protesters – about two dozen in total – parked their cars in the middle of the road, unfurling banners reading “Dump Trump” and “Must Stop Trump,” and chanting “Trump is hate.” Traffic was backed up for miles, with drivers honking in fury.

Protesters were also chanting, “Donald Trump, shut it down, Phoenix is the people’s town.”

The road was eventually cleared and protesters marched down the highway to the rally site, weaving between Trump supporters who booed and jeered them.

Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies were seen directing tow trucks to start hauling the violators away.

One blocked driver got fed up, and slowly drove through protesters, breaking their blockade.

One woman can be heard saying that this was “attempted murder.” The behavior of these protesters is a classic example of what’s been coined the “crybully phenomenon” — those who show up to cause trouble, then play the victim when when trouble arises.

The rest of Twitter mocked the absurdity of the situation:

One of the people these protests are good for, ironically, is Donald Trump. They didn’t think they would possibly bring anyone to their cause by doing this, did they? After protesters shut down Trump’s rally in Chicago, a poll found:

Just 11 percent said they were less likely to support Trump because of this decision (to shut down the rally). Another 22 percent said they were actually more likely to back Trump, and 66 percent said their views were unchanged.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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