Seriously?! Kasich just made STUNNING suggestion about 2016 race…

Winning one state — his home state — seems to be going to Gov. John Kasich’s head.

We reported how the last-place GOP candidate declared, on the night of his Ohio win, he might go to the convention with “more delegates than anybody else” — despite the that in order to do so, he would need to win more than 100% of the remaining delegates.

Now, he’s suggesting the man with nearly three times the delegates Kasich himself currently holds should drop out — because he “can’t win.”

Via The Blaze:

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday. During the interview, Kasich suggested to host Chuck Todd that rival Ted Cruz should drop out of the GOP race.

“Maybe Ted ought to get out because he can’t win in the fall,” the Ohio governor said. 

“Maybe these people that are hot on that ought to tell him to do it. You know, they tried to tell me to get out of the race how many times, Chuck?” he asked Todd. “And now they should be thanking me for staying in because if Trump did win Ohio it would have been over.”

“If you thought your candidacy were helping Donald Trump, not hurting him, would you get out?” Todd asked.

“Chuck, I’m running for president — this isn’t a parlor game of who gets this and who gets that,” Kasich responded.

Todd challenged Kasich’s claims, saying that by recognizing a convention as his only path to the presidency, the Ohio governor is engaging in “the ultimate parlor game.”

As many conservatives remind us, many predicted that one Ronald Reagan “couldn’t win” the general election in 1980 — and, of course he ended up winning in a landslide. No, this is not about comparing Ted Cruz to Ronald Reagan; rather, pointing out the fallacy in trying to choose a primary candidate based on predictions at this point in the cycle of who “can” or “can’t” win in the general election. 2008 and 2012 GOP nominees — “moderate,” “electable” candidates Sen. John McCain and Gov. Mitt Romney — prove a similar point.

But the richest part about all of this is the guy who literally “can’t win” the primary race telling the guy ahead of him to drop out because he “can’t win.”

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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