New poll has GREAT news for Cruz for Tuesday primary…

A new poll suggests Ted Cruz may be poised to pick up all of the delegates in one of the states voting in its primary this Tuesday. If the poll holds, the man in best position to catch Trump may rack up all 40 delegates in the state of Utah.

Via The Hill:

A new poll shows Texas Sen. Ted Cruz with a steep lead in the Utah GOP caucuses that could award him all of the state’s delegates if it holds. 

A Y2 Analytics survey released Saturday puts Cruz with 53 percent of the vote, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. He is followed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 29 percent and Donald Trump trailing at 11 percent. 

As The Hill notes, a candidate will take all 40 of Utah’s delegates if he receives a majority vote there. Candidates have to reach 15 percent of the vote to win delegates.

The other battle this week will take place in Arizona, where Donald Trump is currently leading Cruz by 12 to 14 points.

Gov. Kasich reportedly is focusing all of his efforts on Utah, where he appears to stand the best chance of giving the leader a run for his money.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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