Whoa: Fox News comes out SWINGING against Trump with new attack…

They do like to promote their programming as “fair and balanced,” and after this little nugget, no one is going to accuse Fox News of being in the tank for Donald Trump.

The Donald vs. Megyn Kelly spat has been going on for some time, and now it seems to be ratcheting up a notch as AP reports:

“Donald Trump’s vitriolic attacks against Megyn Kelly and his extreme, sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land,” the network said in a statement Friday evening.

The statement from spokeswoman Irena Briganti went on to praise Kelly as “an exemplary journalist and one of the leading anchors in America” and said the network will “continue to fully support her throughout every day of Trump’s endless barrage of crude and sexist verbal assaults.'”

“As the mother of three young children, with a successful law career and the second highest rated show in cable news, it’s especially deplorable for her to be repeatedly abused just for doing her job,” it added.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks responded Friday evening: “Megyn Kelly is a highly overrated reporter and anchor that constantly disparages Mr. Trump with negative and inaccurate reports. Despite the fact he wants nothing to do with her and will not appear on her show due to her extremely biased reporting, much of the program is about him anyway on a nightly basis.”

Extreme sick obsession? That seems a bit…extreme. But it’s great for everyone’s ratings so it’s doubtful to end soon. I don’t know about you, but this presidential election cycle every day seems to me more and more like a WWF production.

[Note: This article was written by Michele “The Dynamo” Hickford]


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