Uh-oh: You won’t believe what Trump’s advisor just said about “riots”…

As I’m writing this article, anti-Trump protesters are blocking roads in Arizona and thousands are gathering in Manhattan. Of course you’ll recall last week, Donald Trump was forced to cancel a rally in Chicago because of protests in that city – which got violent.

Naturally, the left is blaming Trump himself for fomenting this action, saying his bombastic language is “incendiary.” The concern reached fever pitch after Trump said last Wednesday there could be “riots” if he lost the Republican nomination at this year’s convention, suggesting “bad things would happen.”

Is he stoking the flames? Now his campaign is being forced to defend his comments – with somewhat amusing results.

The Washington Free Beacon reports Sam Clovis, national campaign co-chair and policy adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, said during a television appearance Friday that riots are not the same as violence, referencing Trump’s prediction that riots would break out if he does not get the GOP nomination.

Clovis made his statements on CNN’s New Day to co-host Alisyn Camerota.

Camerota referenced comments Trump made Wednesday describing how there would be riots and “problems like you’ve never seen before” if he did not receive the Republican nomination because of his high level of voter support.

She then played a clip of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) condemning any statements hinting at violence as “unacceptable” before asking, “What do you think about the idea that [Trump] was suggesting that there would be violence, threatening that there would be violence?”

“I don’t think he said violence; he said riots,” Clovis responded. “And I’m not – ”

“Riots are violence by definition,” Camerota interjected.

“Well, I don’t accept that,” Clovis said in response.

So let’s see what Merriam-Webster has to say about it.
Well Mr. Clovis, I do believe you’re wrong, unless you were referring to definitions three and four (the latter certainly and accurately describing many of Mr. Trump’s appearances).

I certainly hope Mr. Trump is not condoning or hoping for riots in the true sense of word. However it must be noted that currently the only folks promising or threatening action around Trump are those on the left.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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