BREAKING: Anti-Trump protesters set up roadblock in Phoenix

Well, they’re at it again. Donald Trump is on the campaign trail in Arizona today and so are the protesters.

As Tucson News Now reports, Trump protesters were stopping vehicles at Shea and Palisades Boulevards in advance of Donald Trump’s campaign stop in Fountain Hills Saturday morning.

Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies were seen directing tow trucks to start hauling the violators away.


Earlier in the morning, protesters were lining up in Phoenix in advance of Donald Trump’s appearance at a campaign event at the Phoenix Convention Center.

“We don’t want you here in Arizona,” said protester Salvador Reza. “We don’t want your hate.” Protesters will march several blocks to where Trump will speak.

“We want to make sure that people know that not everyone is in agreement with Donald Trump,” Reza said. “There’s more than 50 percent of people who don’t want him.”

Trump is bringing his get-tough message on illegal immigration to Ground Zero.

“He’s already talking about building walls, not bridges. In the modern era, that’s not acceptable,” Reza said.

It is still a mystery as to why the left does not seem to understand there’s a difference between legal and illegal immigration. Do any of these leftists live in homes without locks on the doors? Do they leave their cars unlocked? The garage door wide open? What am I missing?


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