28-year-old police officer KILLED in the line of duty; suspect is…

Once again, we must report on the death of a young police officer and father.

Officer Allen Jacobs was the married father of two young boys, and he and his wife were expecting a daughter in July. She will never know her father.

Fox reports Jacobs was shot multiple times by 17-year-old Deontea Perry Mackey, a “self-proclaimed” gang member.


Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller said Jacobs approached the young thug suspect in the Nicholtown community around 12:20 p.m. Friday to speak to him.

Mackey fled behind a house on Rebecca Street towards the Swamp Rabbit Trail before opening fire and shooting Jacobs multiple times, Miller said.

Mackey was in an “established gang” within the community, according to Miller. Mackey, he said, had been convicted as an adult of a strong armed robbery last July.

But this tragic story ends with swift, terrible justice.

After Mackey shot and killed Jacobs, he called his mother, and then shot himself.

Naturally, the left is quick to blame the police.

Bruce Wilson, founder of the Upstate-based organization Fighting Injustice Together, released this statement:

“We have reached out to Chief Miller, and we will continue to reach out to our local officer, who may have been effected by today’s events: We would be remiss not to mention that for the last few months, we have tried to have true dialog with local law enforcement, as we were beginning to see heighten elevation of temperament within the community and especially with young black-men.”

But perhaps Mr. Wilson needs to remember who pulled the trigger first…and last.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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