New poll from New York has TERRIBLE news for GOP establishment

This has not been a good week for the GOP establishment. First, they had to endure the trouncing of their favorite, Marco Rubio, in his home state of Florida. Now they’re trying mighty hard to convince themselves (and a restive electorate) that John Kasich is REALLY the guy to support – even though he’s won only one state so far and it’s mathematically impossible for him to amass enough delegates to be the nominee outright. So they’re banking hard on a contested convention.

But that looks less and less likely. Take a gander at this. It’s jaw-dropping.

Per Breitbart, A new poll out on Thursday obliterates the latest mainstream media narrative confronting billionaire Donald Trump: That he can’t get majorities, but can only get pluralities, in election results.

The poll of New York state, conducted by Boston’s Emerson College, has Trump dominating his only two remaining competitors in the Empire State with 65 percent of Republicans there backing him. Only 12 percent back Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Trump’s closest competitor, and just one percent support Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

The poll was conducted over three days, March 14 to March 16, during two days of which Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was still in the race.

In a direct matchup between just Cruz versus Trump, Trump still wins New York 69 percent to 25 percent—something that will probably make Cruz backers a bit uneasy, as they’ve been hoping that a head-to-head with Trump would be more beneficial to the Texas senator.

Trump’s favorables are also higher than Cruz’s or Kasich’s ratings. “Trump has the highest favorable ratings with GOP voters, 71%/23%, followed by Cruz at 52%/44% and Kasich at 54%/34%,” the polling release states.

BUT to make matters worse the poll also shows in a general election matchup, either Democrat wins easily against any of the remaining three Republicans—although Trump stands the best chance of beating either Clinton or Sanders in the Empire State.

The Trump train continues to roll on…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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