This will piss y’all off, but here’s what last night REALLY means…

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to the students of the University of Dallas. The topic was about the new Campus Carry Law here in Texas, allowing Texas Concealed Handgun Licensees (CHL) to carry on public college campuses. The University of Dallas is a private institution and therefore had the option not to follow the Texas law. Public institutions could create prohibited areas where CHLs are not authorized. The University of Dallas administration decided not to allow CHLs on campus. So we discussed the most important human right — personal protection — and how the students needed to work with the school administration in order to mitigate any risks to their safety and security in these troubling times of domestic insecurity.

But I know that’s NOT what y’all wanna discuss…

So as soon as I finished speaking there were multiple emails and text messages informing me of Senator Marco Rubio suspending his presidential campaign — so go the Ides of March. The rising political star has fallen and sadly the political career of Marco Rubio may have ended. My dad, “Buck” West has a very pertinent maxim”: Boy, never read your own press, and don’t drink your own tub water.” Someone told Senator Rubio he was great and to run for president and forget about being a U.S. Senator. And even when the numbers didn’t look good and Rubio wasn’t winning any contests, he continued to believe “I can win.” And so Marco Rubio just faced his personal Waterloo: he horribly lost his own state.

We’d discussed this earlier that if Senator Rubio had dropped before the Florida primary he would have saved himself this embarrassment — an embarrassment that has left the GOP establishment very angry with him because they could have possibly countered the Trump hurricane that hit the Sunshine State.

As for Governor John Kasich, well, he held his ground and won Ohio. However, going into this evening, Gov. Kasich, even with winning Ohio, would need to win some 90 percent of the remaining delegates to get to 1,237. The question that must be answered by John Kasich is what other states do you win? Once again, if this is all about arrogant pride and Gov. Kasich doesn’t withdraw it puts at risk what the GOP elites want — stop Donald J. Trump.

Here are the options going forward. First, Marco Rubio pledges his delegates to Sen. Ted Cruz in order to close the gap he has with Donald Trump. As of this time, 10:32pm CT, Missouri is too close to call but Trump holds a slim lead of about 0.4 percent. If Trump were to win Missouri, it would mean Sen. Cruz did not win a single contest in the Ides of March. Ted Cruz needs a bump, a lifeline, and the only way that can come immediately is from Marco Rubio’s bank of delegates. Do I believe Rubio will release them to Cruz? No. Do I believe the Rubio supporters will somehow migrate to Cruz? Yes. So, in the game of GOP Survivor it comes down to one thing: Gov. John Kasich suspending his campaign and making this a two-person race — a two-person race where the GOP elites decide they will take Cruz over Trump.

But herein lies the problem for Sen. Ted Cruz: the support of the GOP elites comes with a price, a cost. Does Ted Cruz want to be president so very badly that he’d sellout to the folks in the smoky room? They’ll demand who gets the VP nod — and that selection would easily telegraph their meddling. And such a selection would be detrimental for the Cruz base supporters who would likely smell a rat and also betrayal — or the perception thereof — which is just as bad.

This is where I believe this will go: a brokered convention is the desire of the GOP elites, as embodied by one Gov. John Kasich. Kasich is going to hang in there and his goal is to drag this to convention. It’s about denying Trump the 1,237 delegates. At the convention, the push will be for a Kasich-Rubio ticket — yes, The Empire Strikes Back. Now, what the Romneys and Boehners don’t realize is that if this were to occur, there will be a mass of folks who’ll sit this out. There’s one person cheering for the brokered convention option, and that is Hillary Clinton. She’s horribly flawed as a candidate and only wins if the enthusiasm wanes on the GOP side.

Let’s be honest, there are only two folks in the race on the GOP side: Trump and Cruz. But here’s my warning, and I don’t want to hear any of this crap about I will not vote if it’s not my guy. This started with 17 and now we are truly down to two.

My challenge to y’all is, are you in this for a person, or for our Republic, our nation, America? The one option that is unacceptable is a Hillary Clinton presidency for the United States from any perspective. This is the cycle of the “outsider” on the GOP side. That’s why I find it just so humorous that the GOP elites may have to swallow a pill and support the fella who’s the most hated guy in Washington D.C.

Boy howdy, gotta tell ya something…John Kasich is getting lots of calls right now, but they are not congratulatory. They are calls demanding he drops out. And unlike Marco Rubio, he can do so without embarrassment. But John Kasich possesses delusions of grandeur of being on stage in Cleveland, Ohio at the RNC convention in July and accepting the GOP nomination for president.

I can just hear ol’ Buck West saying, “Allen, that fella done drank his own tub water”…

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