Here’s what I find PECULIAR about Obama’s Supreme Court nomination…

President Obama has just announced Merrick Garland as his choice to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Obama has said he’s doing his job; isn’t it peculiar that — suddenly — this president is an advocate for the Constitution?

Back in my Army days, we had a reference called “Spotlight Rangers” — referring to those who situationally decided when trying to appear a leader was advantageous to them. That appears to be exactly what President Obama is doing now.

Yesterday Brett Stephens had a piece in the Wall Street Journal based upon the recent Atlantic Magazine online interview of Obama entitled, “Obama Doctrine.” Stephens surmised Obama’s responses in the interview basically reflected someone who had “checked out” and was just riding the tide. If Obama is suddenly deciding to appear as a leader, I’d prefer Obama declaring ISIS as committing genocide against Christians, as the House voted 396-0 earlier this week affirming such — rather than suddenly showing an apparent interest in the Constitution he has so regularly chosen to ignore.

President Obama cherry picks when he wants to play president; otherwise he’s playing golf. I recommend the spotlight be turned off and this man who has demonstrated on countless occasions his contempt of the Constitution just stay checked out. You don’t get to pick and choose based on your ideological agenda when you suddenly decide you want to be a “leader.”


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