Here’s ONE THING the states that voted Trump have in common

The success of Donald Trump’s campaign has been a mystery to the media, and admittedly myself initially.

No matter what policies the man advocates, or what he says, his poll numbers go up. He joked he could shoot a man and it wouldn’t hurt him in the polls – and it appears he isn’t that far off.

Those predicting a quick end to Trump’s campaign have become increasingly quiet. The satirical paper The Onion headlined a piece that’ pretty close to reality: “This Will Be The End Of Trump’s Campaign,’ Says Increasingly Nervous Man For Seventh Time This Year.”

Last night after the second Super Tuesday, Trump made the comical remark regarding his increasing poll numbers: “I don’t understand it. Nobody understands it.”

So what explains his success? The same factors that explain the success of Bernie Sanders (among the youth, at least) – anger with “the system.” To quote from Yahoo! News:

Donald Trump isn’t just appealing to angry voters fed up with economic decline and political dysfunction. He’s also converting that anger directly into votes.

Yahoo Finance recently ranked all 50 states according to an “anger index:” The most angry states are those where manufacturing employment, overall employment and income growth have been the weakest, while the least angry states are those with the best employment and income trends.

Trump is excelling in the angry states—but struggling in the prosperous states. Here’s a breakdown of every state that has held a primary so far, along with the Yahoo Finance anger ranking.


Of the 20 angriest states, 10 have announced the final results of GOP primaries, and Trump has won 9 of the 10. The only exception is Ohio.

This amounts to a 91% winning percentage in the angriest States. Among the twenty least angry states that have held primaries so far, Trump has won only 36%, compared to Cruz’s 55%. In explaining Trump’s success, I suppose we can thank eight years of Obama.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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