UNREAL: Chris Christie skipped slain NJ trooper’s funeral to do this instead

The quest for power and influence makes people do questionable things. Sadly, it appears principles may get left behind when the prize seems near.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made support for law enforcement the centerpiece of his own unsuccessful bid for president. So much for that.

Because when Donald Trump came calling, Christie has been all but invisible in his home state – so much so that he skipped the funeral today of 31-year-old New Jersey State Trooper Sean Cullin, who was fatally struck by a passing motorist when he was responding to car fire last week.

Instead, as NJ.com reports, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno would be attending the funeral. A spokesman for the governor declined to say why the governor would not be attending the funeral, or when he would be returning to New Jersey, referring all questions to the Trump campaign.

The 2016 presidential contest has caused Christie to miss three New Jersey police funerals in a row: In addition to Cullen’s, Christie missed the funeral services of Port Authority police officer Eamonn Mautone in January, as well as the December 2015 memorial of New Jersey State Police trooper Eli McCarson.

Three weeks after ending his own bid for the White House, Christie held a lengthy press conference March 3 to emphasize that he would not be a “full-time surrogate” for Republican presidential front-runner Trump and that he was focused on his duties in New Jersey, telling reporters, “I am back to work.”

Apparently Governor, that’s not entirely the case. It’s sad to see how quickly principles are thrown out the window, but apparently that’s par for the course with these political types.

God bless Officer Sean Cullen, and may his family be surrounded by those who truly care.


[Note: This article was written with disapproval by Michele Hickford]

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