Trump has DISASTROUS Saturday; stunning upsets in DC in Wyoming

Donald Trump has had a couple of rough nights. Friday, he had to cancel a rally in Chicago after protestors (funded by got violent. Yesterday, a professional leftist protester, infamously known for trampling the American flag tried to grab (attack?) Trump during a rally.

But it was Trump himself who got absolutely trampled in the Wyoming and Washington D.C. contests last night.

In Wyoming, Trump received a dismal 7.2 percent of the vote behind Marco Rubio in second (19.5 percent) while Ted Cruz won in a landslide with 66.3 percent.

Washington D.C. was no better, with Trump coming in third again with 13.8 percent, but this time it was Marco Rubio with 37.3 percent just ahead of Cruz at 35.5 percent.

(Guam is still figuring it out).

So according to RedState, last night Rubio won 11 delegates, Cruz 10, Kasich 9 and Trump, just one single delegate.

Trump still leads in the total delegate count, but now only by 90 delegates:

Donald Trump – 460
Ted Cruz – 370
Marco Rubio – 163
John Kasich – 63

But Tuesday’s contests could completely tip the scales. There are a total of five major primaries to watch for (we’ll leave out the Northern Mariana Islands for now), and only one (North Carolina) awards delegates proportionately. Here are the states and what’s at stake (per Real Clear Politics):

Florida – 99
Illinois – 69

Missouri – 52
North Carolina – 72
Ohio – 66

It should also be noted that only Florida is a closed primary, meaning only Republicans can vote. Trump has typically done better in states with open primaries, either because he’s attracting Independent and Democrat voters who truly support him or they’re trying to tip the scales to get him nominated because they believe he’ll be easily defeated by Hillary Clinton.

After Tuesday, we could well have a new front runner for the GOP nomination…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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