Kiss of death? Look who JOHN BOEHNER just endorsed…

First Kasich was endorsed by the New York Times – and now by the lachrymose and much deriided former speaker John Boehner.

The endorsement was made ahead of the Ohio primary, which is Kasich’s last stand. If he loses to Trump in his home state, he’ll likely drop out of the race (at least many are hoping). The two are polling similarly in Ohio.

Trump and Cruz seem to boast a few high-profile endorsements every week, but for Kasich, endorsements from the New York Times and Boehner are more likely to propel his campaign into an early grave.

It’s already practically statistically impossible for Kasich to win the nomination, and as Donald Trump pointed out, that’s if he can even manage to get on the ballot.

Slightly skeptical of Trump’s claim I did a bit more digging – and he’s right. Not only that, Kasich didn’t get enough signatures to appear on the Illinois ballot either.

He’s now both an official candidate for the Republican primary – and a write-in — or a write-off, depending on how you look at it.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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